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About HangTai

Zhejiang Hangtai Automotive Components Co., Ltd. specializes in the automotive compressor electromagnetic clutch area.It lies in Lincheng Town,Changxing Country,Huzhou City,Zhejiang Province and is located in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui provinces at the junction.

Our products are SD series (SANDEN)、10P series(NIPPONDENSO)、V5 series(GM)、DKS series (ZEXEL)、FS10 series (FORD)、MA series (YORK,CCI)、DLQT series (BOCK)、SS series (SEIKO)and etc.At present,we have done business with the supplies of Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen and Toyota Camry, Guangzhou Honda, and Dongfeng Nissan,Beijing modern, Dongfeng Kia and so on.We also produce cluthces according to our customers’ demands.We have integrated distribution system in domestic market,and some products are sold to Southeast Asia,Middle East,Europe and America.

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